3 key Reasons why you should chew Bitter cola often

3 key Reasons why you should chew Bitter cola often

Bitter cola botanically called Garcinia cola is a medicinal plant enrich with full medicinal value in all parts of the plant. The leaves, roots, bark and seeds are all medicinal and has been effectively used in the treatment of various ailment in human beings.

The seed of bitter cola which is fleshy can either be chewed raw or soaked in alcohol or water before ingestion.

Garcinia cola has been proven to combat various health defects such as Cough, Bacterial, viral infections, arthritis and others due to its phytochemical constituents including Oleoresins, tannins, saponins, alkaloids, kolaflavonne, 2 hydroxyflavonoids, garcioic, garcinal tocotrienol, etc.

Bitter cola also contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, high levels of potassium, Vit. C, Iron, etc.

In this article, I’ll highlight 3 reasons why you should chew bitter cola often.

1. Body system cleansing: The body of man is full of toxins either from the air we breathe or from food substances. These toxins, if not cleansed accumulate to cause certain body health hazards later in the future.

Bitter cola can be used as an effective tool to cleanse the body system. To do this, boil some bitter cola seeds after peeling it in a pot. Add water to your desired taste, after proper boiling drain the liquid into a flask. Drink it warm every morning.

2. Reduction of Blood sugar: this is another vital job done by bitter cola. The commonest food type eaten by people in the world is carbohydrates. These carbohydrates such as rice, Garri, bread, Pasta, etc end up in the body system after metabolism as glucose (sugar). Excessive consumption of carbohydrates causes the blood sugar levels to rise, in turn result to diabetes.

Bitter cola contains kolaflavonne which helps to reduce the blood sugar levels thereby preventing diabetes. To reduce blood sugar chew at least 3 or 4 seeds per week.

3. Infection: Phytochemicals in bitter cola such as saponins, flavonoids, tannins are antimicrobial and can destroy harmful bacteria in the body system. For this, grate bitter cola as many as you can. Soak it in dry gin for 2-3 days, then drink 2 shots everyday on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Food can be consumed after about 1 hour of ingestion.

However, to make bitter cola work effectively, high sugary foods should be reduced to the minimal in diet.

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