2 ladies caught RED handed during Mpura’s funeral, as they tried pouring this, inside a water bottle

2 ladies caught RED handed during Mpura’s funeral, as they tried pouring this, inside a water bottle

Funerals of this era are heartbreaking to attend. The sense of humanity, morality and respect went down the drain. Funerals turn into shebeens, weddings and a place of joy. In a recent funeral, two ladies who were long tired by the funeral program and conducts did the unthinkable, without realizing that cameras were on them.

Relatives and friends of the late Amapiano musician Mpura Stuurman gathered at an intimate funeral this morning to say goodbye. Mpura was killed in a car accident, killing 6 people, including musician Killer Kau and upcoming artists Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe, DJ Thando Tot and TD.

The star’s family, friends and closest friends gathered to celebrate his life in Johannesburg and paid tribute to her star power at the funeral of Protea South Hall in Soweto, Johannesburg. At 11 am, the team of popular producer “Umsebenzi Wethu” set off for the West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg. According to Covid-19 regulations, assistance is limited. Mpura was killed in a frontal collision near the Marikana toll gate in the suburb of Rustenburg N4.

There is a circulating video showing two ladies at a Funeral of Mpura doing the Unthinkable. It is normal that liquids such as alcohol are not permitted at the funeral since people should be allowed to grieve and cry out. However in this generation anything is possible. People will still choose to drink alcohol rather than water. In this video, these two ladies were annoyed by the long service at the funeral, time was ticking and not on their side. They tried hiding their shenanigans, but forgot that cameras were on them. They had the courage to replace water with alcohol at the funeral.

These Types of acts should be Condemned and labelled as criminality. South Africans are slowly losing the definition of a funeral, and some actions should be taken immediately to put an end to this. “The day when the entertainment industry started promoting alcohol everyday and creating big events. People party every month end, like it’s December.”



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